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May 29, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Path to mortage
There are so many lenders out there. Which ones are the most popular? Below will be a list of a few of the most popular mortgage lending agencies, saving you some time and hassle.

These lenders may or may not interest you. This list is not favoring one lender over the other, or motivating you to choose a particular agency. The purpose of this list is to allow you gather more information about these popular mortgage institutions. Each lender will be different and will offer different options.

Obtaining a mortgage is a big deal. Before you sign on any dotted line you need to be sure that you know all the rules and stipulations in the fine print. Your interest rate will determine how much extra monies you will shell out over the years. Your interest rate can also determine how long it takes for you to become mortgage free.

The agencies that are listed identify mortgage lenders, but these are not the only players out there willing to compete for your business. Instead of choosing a nationally known agency, it might benefit you to research the mortgage options that are offered at your local bank and credit union.

It is best to look online for companies that are willing to compare their rates to the competitors. The companies listed below have this option, the links will be offered later:
  • Ameriquest
  • Chase 
  • Countrywide 
  • EMC 
  • GMAC 
  • Irwin 
  • National City 
  • Option One 
  • Saxon 
  • SunTrust 
  • Wells Fargo
Remember, you are the customer, and how you will be treated is very important. You can check online to get a review of how others have viewed their experience with a particular lender. Search for sites, such as the Better Business Bureau, that list complaints of past customers. Remember, the complaints may not be completely impartial, but it is good to see if a particular lender has a history of bad customer service. You can then do more research to find out if this is true.

The Better Business Bureau can also give you information concerning the financial dependability of a potential lender. This is very good information to know before you decide to borrow from an agency.

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